Fresh Produce

Did You Know we offer over 450 produce items, including organic produce? 

We pride ourselves on bringing you the Freshest, most delicious produce at affordable prices. Some produce is so Fresh, it is in our stores hours after being picked!

Our produce departments receive 5 deliveries a week from 2 Pennsylvania distributors plus local farms to insure that the Freshest quality and variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are in our stores.

Every season brings new produce to our aisles! We invite you to visit with one of our produce experts today - they will point out the season's best varieties for you to sample.

Also, we make gift and fruit baskets! We have them pre-made for those on the goor can make them in the store for those looking for the perfect basketBring a bottle of wine, a 6 pack of beer or a stuffed animal… We can personalize any basket! Or shop for your own cheeses, meats and crackers for inclusion.

Ask about our chocolate covered strawberries.

Can't find what you are looking for?
Just let us know and we will find it or order it for you.

Friedman's Freshmarket
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